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Large Deep Tone Windchime

Large Deep Tone Windchime



Design concept:

Windchime Chapel Bells Wind Chimes

This wind chime is a symbol of good luck, meaning access to safe, healthy and smooth. Just hang it in your home or garden. When the wind swinging, it sounds sweet and charming, soothing your body and soul.


• Made of premium quality aluminum, it can resist different weather.
• Providing an economical way to enjoy soothing sounds that ring differently with every breeze.
• Hang your chimes in an area protected from direct sunlight or heavy winds.
• Total hanging length is 35.4" with a stronger hook; diameter is 4.72".


• Material: Aluminum
• Color: Matte Silver/gold
• Features: Hand-tuned
• Support plate: wood
• Length: 35.4" from hook to sail
• Diameter:4.72"
• Including 18 metal tubes

Package Included:

1x Wind Chimes

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