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Luxury Simple Chair

Luxury Simple Chair



Main Color:Pink

Main Material:Velvet


Product Features:

Accent Chair:It uses simple and smooth lines to create a unique shape,it shows a unique and simple atmosphere.In the design of the chair, we use a unique knitting process, which can make the chair present a more beautiful appearance.

Materials selection: In the material, we chose velvet. Velvet not only has a comfortable,soft feel, but it also makes the chair look more ornate.For the interior, we use high-quality cotton.Not only will it make the chair look fuller, it will also make the chair feel more comfortable to sit on.In the choice of chair foot, we used pure gold - plated metal chair foot. The foot of the chair is specially designed to prevent scratches on the ground.

Color choices: We chose five colors this time, a variety of color choices can give customers more choice space, but also can match more interior design use.





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