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Hot Resin Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

Hot Resin Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp



Crystal salt stone, warm romantic night light.

Helps sleep: The unique natural orange pink releases stress and helps sleep.

Air purification: release negative ions that are beneficial to the human body, absorb dust and particles, and purify the air. Applicable places: Suitable for home places, leisure and entertainment places, corridors, exhibition halls, hotels.

Description: Himalayan salt lamp, releasing negative ions, purifying the surrounding air, warm lighting, giving you a comfortable and warm atmosphere.

Soothe your body and mind, sleep well, light up a salt lamp, and dreamlike light creates a warm and peaceful atmosphere.


[Commodity Name]: Wooden Farm Process

[Material]: solid wood

[Light Source]: incandescent lamp

[Size]: 4.13in high/4.13in width

[Salt Stone Net weight]: 2.2lbs

[Line long information]: 59in

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